Creative crafts from a little Lancashire smallholding

Happy Hen Designs is based on my little Lancashire smallholding.

It first began in 2005 when I used my creative skills to paint wall murals in schools, nurseries, homes etc. However, with two very young children, creating on such a large scale became impractical, so Happy Hen Designs was put on the backburner. A couple of years later, another of my creative outlets [cake decorating] became a business and since 2008 I have been creating award winning cakes. Throughout my cake decorating years, I still crafted - crochet, painting, willow work, sewing - and so Happy Hen Designs was given new life with new creations.So here I am now - still cake decorating and still creating with Happy Hen Designs!

On the smallholding, for company, food and inspiration, I keep sheep, chickens and ducks, with pigs due to join us in the autumn.

In addition I grow a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Happy Hen Designs offers a variety of handmade items for the home and garden, all made by hand, by me, on the smallholding.

I try to work with as much thought for the environment, and the people in it, as possible.

If you have any questions, or comments, please feel free to email

Happy Crafting